Product Safety & Environmental Responsibility

Picnic Plus is committed to designing and producing products that are safe, durable and comply with all applicable Federal and State regulations. Although our products are not designed specifically for children, we comply with the new Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) limiting the amount of lead found in products.

We continue to make improvements to our product materials such as changing linings and backings from PVC to PEVA, a more environmentally safe and easy to clean material.

We offer several products that are manufactured with renewable resources such as our Eco Picnic Baskets made with hand woven natural willow, chemical free cotton, bamboo components and our new Made in USA cutting boards and baskets.

Our commitment to the environment includes reducing excessive packaging and using recycled materials in our cartons, hangtags and shipping materials. By using our Picnic Plus shopping totes, lunch bags, picnic sets and picnic baskets, you help contribute to the reduction of unnecessary disposable bags, plastic utensils, and plastic cups/plates in our landfills and on the environment.

Standards For Partner Conduct

Our Standards for Partner Conduct require that anyone working on behalf of our company, including domestic and overseas manufacturing, comply with all laws and regulations in each applicable country. Contractors and manufacturers shall not utilize child or undocumented labor and shall comply with all federal and applicable local laws concerning age requirements, hours worked and wages earned.

In addition, all our contractors and service providers shall not harass, discriminate against or retaliate against any worker because of his or her race, religion, national origin, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, personal characteristics or beliefs, and must provide them with a safe and healthy work environment.